Colord 0.1.1 is out with initial SANE and v4linux support

Colord 0.1.1 is out with initial SANE and v4linux support

Richard Hughes has just released a new version of previously introduced colord daemon. Colord aims to make a better kind of Mac's ColorSync for Linux than ColorSync is and allows mapping devices to color profiles.

This version has a number of important new features. The first one is support for udev devices (mainly, v4linux) and SANE devices that are now added as colord devices to configuration. There is a lot of work still to do regarding SANE support, as SANE itself, according to Richard, needs to be brought into the current decade.

The second important thing is a batch of changes regarding D-Bus support: the API got a new function Commit(), and the interfaces got a bunch of new properties.

Finally, a new configuration storage backend writes configuration on disk, so it's preserved between reboots.

Just like before, you will need both temporary fork of CUPS, cups-colord, and GNOME Color Manager from the "colord" Git branch. Right now work on CUPS is ca. 70% complete, after that the changes will be merged to upstream.


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