Color management module for KDE available now

Color management module for KDE available now

After a mere month of work the first version of a KDE configuration applet for color management is available.

Most work was done by Daniel Nicoletti with help from Richard Hughes. The KCM module relies on colord — a color management framework for Linux being rapidly adopted by distributions.

The code is now available in KDE playground. Daniel has already implemented basic features such as assigning profiles to devices and viewing metadata of ICC profiles.

Colordmodule for KCM

Currently missing features are device calibration and characterization, as well as display of advanced data such as CIE color gamut diagram (the “horseshoe”) and TRC.

You can download the tarball here or fetch the code from Git:

$ git clone git://

The final module is called kcm_colord, you can start it with 'kcmshell4 kcm_colord', if it doesn't show up immediately.

Given the pace at which development happens we are going to see the KCM module for colord being on par with GNOME Color Manager pretty soon.

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  1. KDE’s KolorManager system settings panel exist since years:

  2. Very useful information, Glad, i found it.