CGRU render farm server embraces Windows

CGRU render farm server embraces Windows

Timur Hairulin started a new development cycle for CGRU, his free render farm management suite. The major change so far is an availability of the Afanasy server for Microsoft Windows.

Less essential changes are:

  • the Afanasy render client doesn't use Qt anymore;
  • an administrator can change a job owner now;
  • tasks can be solved in a non-sequential manner;
  • it's now possible to enable and disable the render service via afcmd.

The last time we covered CGRU here, Aleve Sicofante asked in the comments whether the client software (AfWatch) could be made to look differently. To which Timur replied:

I was an officer in Russian army, I can create only military GUIs :)

Nevertheless he went ahead and implemented GUI styles.

I think you will agree that Hello Kitty is as far from being military as it could get :)

CGRU is now also developed on Github, so it's easier for anyone to clone, modify and send a merge request. The usual builds are available for downloading from the website.

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  1. GUI created by you is too good. Great efforts put by you.

  2. I’m having trouble setting up a nuke render on an all-windows render farm . Are there any error logs that I can look at to debug the error? The nuke scenes work fine locally though.

  3. hi, yes, thanks for the help. i think i found the error. i wasn’t starting the server properly