CGRU render farm manager gets web UI

CGRU render farm manager gets web UI

Looking for a solution to deploy a render farm and supervise jobs from a tablet or a smartphone? CGRU 2.0.0 has just been released to feature a web-based interface.

Technically speaking, there is no hard SQL dependence in CGRU now. Everything has been moved to JSON. This made it possible for Timur Hairulin, the principal developer, to create an HTML5-based project tracker called RULES.

Additionally, Timur created a web version of Afanasy, the job monitoring app (online demo available), and both versions of Afanasy are capable of rendering thumbnails now.

Actually, both web apps were available in v1.7.0 as beta quality software, now they are considered by the developer to be stable and usable enough to be officially supported. We asked Timur, whether the project is moving away from Qt towards the web now, and he replied:

Developing web-based software is a lot more interesting and, in fact, a lot faster. I will, however, backport all new features to the Qt version of Afanasy.

The new release also completely integrates meTools from Yuri Meshalkin which means that combinations like Maya+VRay, Maya+Arnold, and Maya+MentalRay are possible now.

On the other hand, CGRU in Maya is just a bunch of standalone scripts now, and this means less features such as autosaving management, autoseeking of projects etc., at least for now.

For more details on the release please visit the project page. Downloads are available for Windows and various flavors of Linux.

Note that on April 2, along with Oliver Markowski and Erkan Özgür Yılmaz, Timur Hairulin will be giving a talk about CGRU at Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Leipzig.

If you are interested, how to use the solution for creating render farms that manage jobs from AfterEffects, Blender, Cinema4D, Houdini, 3ds Max, Maya, Nuke, and XSI, register to attend the event and talk to the developer.

Alternatively you can support LGM2014 to help cover travel expenses for developers of free software for creative professionals.

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  1. wow that really good to see.thnks for this information

  2. We all know that SGI and IRIX 6.5 was the pinnicle in terms of graphics, workstation and UNIX as a complete package back in it’s day. What would be equivalent today?. Sure SGI today runs RedHat and Suse. But SGI is not the same comapny that it was in the past. So what in the Linux world today has replaced those SGI systems for professional graphics and annimation.