CGRU gets support for Blender Cycles and Cinema 4D

CGRU gets support for Blender Cycles and Cinema 4D

Timur Hairulin keeps improving CGRU in pursuit of a making a perfect render farm management tool. Latest version got support for Cinema 4D, but there's a backlog of changes over last few months to mention.

CGRU contains several applications mostly built around Afanasy — the actual management and monitoring app. Together they make a quite interesting free suite for managing render farms and creating movies out of rendered image sequences.

The package is quite useful for heterogenous pipilines due to support for a variety of 3D rendering and special effects applications and subtasks with internal dependencies. For instance, over last several releases CGRU got support for Blender Cycles, Adobe After Effects and Cinema4D. You can submit jobs from those and other applications via the new Afanasy Starter dialog:

Afanasiy Starter

It also got a new tool called Keeper which is a crossplatform application that sits in the system tray and allows you to start and manage other CGRU applications.


On a more technical note, Afanasy now supports Python 3, release archives switched to Qt 4.8.0, and only PostreSQL is supported now. The latest release also got IP addresses masking so that only connections from certain clients are accepted.

Up to date links to downloads are here.

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  1. Hi. There are already several developers improving CGRU project! And developers quantity grows up.
    For example, Cinema4D support was added by Jan Oberhauser.

  2. Alexandre Prokoudine 15 February 2012 at 12:13 pm

    Sweet :) I do hope you get more acknowledgment.

  3. I am going to look into this.

    I set up my own render farm today.

    I tried render Joe, but it didn’t work because the blender API changed, and consequently the python script no longer works.

    The network render option within blender isn’t mature yet. I had severe issues keeping networked computers stay on the farm, so to speak. (Disconnection from the farm, not the network itself.

    Though I manages to get my coworker’s 6 core home computer connected through a VPN. Only 3 of 6 computers are operating correctly.

    I’ll give this a looksie to see if it works.

  4. Hi Stefan.
    We can discuss it on SourceForge
    or LinkedIn
    ( there through private messages we can exchange email or skype if it will be needed )

  5. I haven’t tried CGRU but are looking into setting up a renderfarm.
    Is it hard to setup render enviroments for other software like 2d animation package Synfig and others with cli-render possibilities?


    Afanasy has a Python API. And you don’t need to be high-end programmer to use it.
    This is an example (from documentation) of a simple job, that lists users in /home folder:

    import af
    job = af.Job(‘example job’)
    block = af.Block(‘block of tasks’) 
    task = af.Task(‘simple task’)
    task.setCommand(‘ls -l’)

  7. Aleve Sicofante 19 February 2012 at 8:08 am

    I sell hardware and software to computer graphics professionals. I will try this software soon. I have one question:

    Can it be made to look different?

    Don’t take offense on this, but lots of people judge a book by its cover and the “cover” in this software just doesn’t look good. I’m referring to both the interface and the website.

  8. It can. But somebody should it. Not me. And at first English spelling mistakes should be corrected.
    I am not a designer and English is not my native language. And I am not very interested in documentation appearance.
    But I have in plans to make ability to choose GUI style and even to create custom + several pre-defined: common (by default), military (for boys :) ), and some “hello kitty” (for girls).
    Also I have some request from users and other developers about software engine (not appearance) and such request have more priority for me, as some of them can do only me, but GUI and documentation can be written by somebody other.
    It not first gui-style request. And number of project developers grows up. So sooner or later it definitely will have some other GUI.
    It is a free project that very interested in help.

    I was an officer in Russian army, I can create only military GUIs :)
    So I should write program engines only and not creating any GUIs.

  9. Maybe if you separate the GUI code from the internal, somebody else could help.

    I’m not even taking about skinning. Just use any standard toolkit like Qt or Gtk and you’ll be fine. Qt is probably easier and works best on different platforms.

  10. GUI code (protocol) is separated.
    And main GUI is on Qt (afwatch). WebVisor is on PHP and reads data directly from server SQL database - but it is not full GUI, it designed for statistics collection and whole studio monitoring. There is another unfinished GUI on Qt afmonitor - there is only some sceleton written to show how to use afanasy protocol. If somebody will going to write GUI (on C++ and Qt) - he should use it. And also there is an idea to write GUI on html5+java - to use web technologies and to control everything simple in any browser.

    All Afanasy clients with GUIs: afwatch, afmonitor and aftalk (simple messages exchanging through afanasy server) are on Qt and uses the same library - afqt - designed to write clients for Afanasy on Qt, for GUI or anything else. Even afrender used it (but not now, it is separated now to work in its own way as it is more important afanasy part then some gui).