Celtic knot designs are super easy with Knotter 0.9

Celtic knot designs are super easy with Knotter 0.9

In less than a year Knotter, a free celtic knot editor, has made a huge progress: more artistic features, better interface, more extensibility.

If you are interested how it works, here is a quick video that demonstrates how to get a simple cool celtic knot pattern in just a minute:

Knotter is at v0.9.3 now and, apparently, quickly approaching v1.0. The list of changes since the last release we discussed is quite impressive.

First of all, Mattia rewrote much of the application to make it easily extensible. This made it possible to add plug-in architecture. So far the plug-ins are:

  • insert lattice;
  • insert polygon;
  • star cusp;
  • fill area.

All of them are written in JavaScript. Here's e.g. star cusp:

There are also some useful tools for handling knots and whole patterns now, from disconnecting and merging knots to flipping and rotating whole patterns and selections.

Changing attributes of knots in a selection is also possible, so you can use different knot styles, angles etc. in a single pattern.

If you are trying to vectorize a celtic knot pattern from a photo, it's now possible to add that image to the background and draw knots on top of it.

Action history was added around v0.4 or v0.5 and was much improved later. It's also available as a dockable dialog, just like all the other dialogs, e.g. Knot Style.

Knotter also has pattern fills and multiple strokes now, and you can set a separate width and color for each of the strokes.

Mattia wrote his own dialog for setting colors. But the version from Git also supports dragging and dropping colors from other applications, such as GIMP, Inkscape, Gpick.

Knotter is available to download in source code, in DEB/RPM packages, and as a Windows installer. There is an online manual too.

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  1. wut an interesting looking application! thanks for the headup!

  2. Would it be possible to create 3D knots one day?
    I don’t simply mean knot pattern projected on a floating cube but interlaced knots in 3D.

  3. Alexandre Prokoudine 08 June 2013 at 10:30 pm

    @likely4likely, For 3D knots try http://sourceforge.net/projects/celticknot/ ;-)

  4. @likely4likely, probably not wut you meant but it might be worth mentioning nonetheless. As the app creates vectors it should be able to export an SVG which can be cleaned up in inkscape then taken into Blender and made into a 3D object.

  5. hahaha or you could just follow Alexandre’s suggestion, much simpler :)

  6. Mattia gave all those who played with this one a huge gift.  Kudos again to Mattia for this.  We had a lot of fun with his program at GIMPChat by the way.  :)

  7. There is a beta development SRC tarball version available (0.9.4) which adds a text plugin. So you can now write text in celtic knots. You just need QT 5 build environment to build for windows.