Blender Foundation announces Caminandes, surprise open movie

Blender Foundation announces Caminandes, surprise open movie

While the community has been fidgeting in chair while waiting for more news on project Gooseberry, a feature film animation movie by Blender Institute, the Blender Foundation announced another open movie project, Caminandes.

The new movie is actually the second episode of this particular comic animation by Pablo Vazquez, Beorn Leonard, and Francesco Siddi, with music composed by omnipresent Jan Morgenstern:

The quite obvious difference between Caminandes and other open movies by BI is that it focuses on the fun aspect rather than improvement of Blender for real-world use cases.

Still, it seems impossible to avoid some industrious polishing of the application: the team already committed fixes to Cycles rendering engine to improve hair shading. After all, the main character is a guanaco, so it's only to be expected. As Sergey Sharybin will be doing the job of the technical director, even more fixes are likely to follow.

Does it begin to sound like a dream team? Indeed. For instance, animation will be done by Hjalti Hjálmarsson, the guy who produced over a dozen of commercials for Iceland Express featuring memorable bird characters.

Andy Goralczyk who will be working on lighting and compositing, doesn't exactly need a special introduction. He's been part of all open movies by Blender Institute except Sintel.

Andy Goralczyk

The team expects to ship the new ca. 2 minutes long animated movie by end of November, and it will be available as a digital download along with project data, tutorials, documentary, concept art, and story boards. Alternatively you can get a 8GB flash drive with all the files (DVD no more).

If you make a pre-order before October 12 (when the production starts in Amsterdam), your name will go into the credits of the movie.

For further news about the project keep an eye on the teams's blog and a Facebook page.

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