Cairo 1.8.10 and 1.9.6 released

Cairo 1.8.10 and 1.9.6 released

A stable and an unstable versions of Cairo 2D vector graphics library were simultaneously released.

The stable version contains only bugfixes mostly cairo-pdf back-end and Type1 fonts related.

The unstable version is much more interesting:

  • thanks to GLSL the cairo-gl has become much faster (see details);
  • as a result, cairo-glitz back-end has been removed;
  • the cairo-image back-end was optimized and works 3-5 times faster now;
  • a new experimental cairo-drm back-end was added, support only Intel i915 and i965 right now;
  • bugfixes in cairo-quartz;
  • fixes for embedding JPEG and JPEG2000 images in cairo-pdf back-end;
  • new cairo_device_t device which is a) a generic method for accessing the underlying interface with the native graphics subsystem, typically the X connection or perhaps the GL context; and b) a unifying API for the mix of backend specific methods for controlling creation of surfaces with explicit devices and a convenient hook for debugging and introspection;
  • improved drawing of dashed strokes.

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