Cage transform tool in upcoming GIMP 2.8 gets an update

Cage transform tool in upcoming GIMP 2.8 gets an update

We already wrote before that GIMP 2.8 is going to have a new Cage transform tool by Michael Muré as part of his Google Summer of Code 2010 project.

The tool allows free transformation of objects using a polygonal cage. After the initial merge into main development branch the tool was worked on further and got few major improvements.

First of all, GIMP's usability arhitect, Peter Sikking, wasn't around when the tool was created. So when Peter found time to evaluate the new tool, he discovered a number of shortcomings and came up with complete analysis outlining what needs doing to make the tool a better experience for users.

Many of these points have already been addressed. In particular, you can now do rubberband selection of cage vertices so that you could easily drag them simultaneously. This is demonstrated in the video below created by Michael:

Quite a lot of code was rewritten to facilitate this change, as well as newly added ability to go back to the edit mode for tweaking the cage. That does make a big difference.

Until now all further work on the tool was still happening in a separate GSoC branch. But now all new code has been merged into master branch which means you'll be able to test this in upcoming v2.7.2 (no release dates yet, as usual).

Additionaly Mitch Natterer resumed his work on an on-canvas progress indicator and added this functionality to the Cage transform tool as well (it already had the initial implementation of the indicator).

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