Bluefish 2.0.3 released with split view and more

Bluefish 2.0.3 released with split view and more

Olivier Sessink released another update to the stable version of Bluefish, a free advanced HTML editor for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Bluefish is great for creating website templates for your own project, for clients, for clone script sites — this is entirely up to you.

This update brings several important new features, as well as improvements of existing ones. The new version supports highlight for Clojure syntax, Wordpress syntax, Pascal syntax, jQuery syntax, Processing syntax and R syntax. Another important and quite long overdue new feature is split view:

Split view in Bluefish

Improvements cover: syntax highlighting performance and the performance when scrolling in large files, tag closing, toggling comments (Shift+Ctrl+C), spellchecking with HTML-entities, joining/splitting lines, bookmarks in projects, the Preferences user interface etc.

You can download source code, as well as installers for Windows and Mac.

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