BlenderArt magazine #33 out

New issue if BlenderArt magazine is out. The team tried to give the lack of theme a funny name and came up with "Everything but the Kitchen Sink", then ended up receving threats of just being sent just sinks :)

So the issue this time is kinda eclectic content-wise.

BlenderArt #33 cover

Short summary:

  • modeling a car from both blueprints and photos (using Insight3D for 3D scanning);
  • dynamic facial control interfaces;
  • two new Blender-powered adventure games presented;
  • 8 advices to people who are about to create their first short.

You can download issue and blend files via torrent.

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  1. Thank you have a nice article.

  2. It is truly amazing how much can be done with this totally free program. I have friends who are using it, though, specifically to build models of characters. I guess it can be used to create anything!

  3. i love BlenderArt magazine :)

  4. Very nice, thank you,
    But i hate download using torrent, can you upload a http link ?

  5. Cool, I love your magazine..

  6. I love the blender art magazine.

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