BlenderArt #34 — “Rigs, Addons and More”

New issue of BlenderArt e-zine is out. Main topic of the new one is rigging and various addons for Blender.

Here's the contents:

  • Tank Treads Rig for Game
  • Basic Rigging of a Fish
  • Building a Switchless and Intuitive Body Rig
  • Python scripting for artists
  • Timing and spacing
  • BlenRig 4.0 - Auto-Rigging & Skinning system
  • How Bishop 2.0 Came to Life

BlenderArt #34

This time the team hasn't provided a torrent file, so it's two archives just like once upon a time :) Here is the issue and here are blend files. Next issue of BlenderArt is expected around mid September.

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