Blender, MyPaint and more free apps at VIEW Conference 2012

Blender, MyPaint and more free apps at VIEW Conference 2012

Free software seems to be playing an increasingly prominent role at VIEW Conference, a famous annual CG and VFX conference that's taking place in Turin, Italy, next week.

From few workshops in past years it's getting a feature in the main conference hall. In fact, this year you can follow free software at VIEW Conference in 5 tracks.

Digital Painting with David Revoy

David already posted a detailed overview of what he's planning for the workshops. Check it out. Here are the essential bits:

  • a dedicated workshop on Krita;
  • a workshop on a complete GIMP, GMIC and MyPaint based wokflow;
  • several live artwork creation workshops.

David's workshop promo

You need to register for David's workshops in advance.

Tears of Steel

Blender Foundation’s fourth short film project gets a feature presentation on October 18th, from 9am to 10am. The project will be presented by David Revoy (concept art), Francesco Siddi (3d artist/animator) and Nicolò Zubbini (3d environment artist).

Tears of Steel

It looks like it's the first time an open movie gets a feature right next to titles such as “The Amazing Spider-Man" or “Sherlock Holmes II”. For more details please see this page.

Introduction and development of the Blender source code

On October 18, Fabio Russo will teach you to develop new features for Blender. To get a good feeling of how these things are done, you will learn to create a simple modifier.

By the way, it's the very same Fabio Russo who's currently working on a community-funded project to improve image editing in Blender (see the video above). His workshop also requires a registration.

Introduction to the Blender Python API

On October 18, Luca Bonavita and Alessandro Pirovano will explain basics of programming for Blender in Python. By the end of the first workshop you will be able to write basic addons, and by the end of the second workshop you will be able to write scripts for integration of an external rendering engine.

Needless to say, you also need to register for the workshop, and there will be a small entrance fee.

From Blender to 3D printing

On October 16, Valerio Fissolo from Protocube Academy will lead a workshop on rapid prototyping with Blender for 3D printing. You will learn to create models wiuth Blender and optimize them for subsequent 3D printing.

Apart from some basics of modeling Valerio will talk about specific features relevant to 3D color printing: sculpting details, texturing, file export, check of mathematics, etc.


At the end of the class, one of the models created by the participants will be drawn to be realized with 3D printing techniques and it will be gifted to his/her lucky creator.

You need to register for the workshop, and there will be an entrance fee.

For a complete list of activities at VIEW Conference 2012 please see the full conference program.

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  2. Alexandre Prokoudine 12 October 2012 at 3:43 pm

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