Blender, GIMP and MyPaint at VIEW Conference 2011

Blender, GIMP and MyPaint at VIEW Conference 2011

On October 25-28 the annual VIEW Conference 2011 is taking place in Turin, Italy, to bring together professionals in CG. Just like the last year, both Blender, GIMP and MyPaint are going to be covered by developers and (mostly) artists.

Sebastian Koenig is doing a workshop on camera tracking with Blender on October 26. Here is the most recent video on tracking and compositing workflow from him:

On same day Nicolo Zubbini will do a workshop on the V-Ray/Blender project. This workshop will introduce you to installing and an initial setup of the script, standard lighting setup for interiors, global illumination, camera and exposure, creation of basic shaders. Nicolo has already published the scene he will be using in the workshop.

There will be an introductional workshop on Blender by Dario Caffoni, Alfonso Annarumma and Sandro Pizziolo on October 28.

Finally, David Revoy will be doing workshops on digital painting with free software on October 25, 26 and 28. For details please read his blog entry, and you might find interesting his blog entry on the previous year at VIEW Conference.

The full schedule is available in PDF right here.

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