Blender book giveaway results

Blender book giveaway results

Earlier this week we announced a giveaway that's a new Blender book called 'Blender Production' and written by Roland Hess. Well, as promised we ran the magic randomizer to find the winner.

Since we lost a bit of the db during CMS upgrade (or, rather, didn't feel confident to merge bits of an up to date backup), few people had to be manually added from the latest backup file. The winner turned out to be among them.

Giveaway participants randomizer

Congrats, Jcue! We already mailed you for the info how to deliver the book. To other participants: there will be another chance, and you can still buy the book :)

While at that, we are still running a photography tutorials / tips contest with some really awesome books for prizes. The deadline is in just few weeks.

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  1. Contgrats to the winner!

    I got a copy of the book today… but it seems the companion site doesn’t work yet. Has anyone been able to get to it?

  2. congrats! I’ll have to grab a copy of this book after Tube when I start working my job again.

  3. Congratulations to the winners ^_^

  4. FYI, the companion website can be found at

    The link in the book doesn’t work.

  5. Congratulations to the winners! I super envy you. :)