Blender 2.67 released with Freestyle, 3D printing toolbox, and more

Blender 2.67 released with Freestyle, 3D printing toolbox, and more

Blender Foundation finally announced new version of the most actively developed free 3D modeling and animation package. While we are preparing some extended coverage, here's a list of some interesting new features you can already lay your hands on.

The new verson features Freestyle — a non-photorealistic rendering engine originally developed as a standalone scriptable tool. Freestyle makes it possible to generate a stylized 2D line drawing out of a 3D scene with wildly configurable stylization.

3D printing toolbox simplifies preparing models for additive 3D manufacturing. The rapidly growing personal fabrication industry is likely to become a game changer, especially with desktop 3D printers becoming as cheap as $600. Blender follows this interesting trend, and the Foundation is preparing a dedicated DVD course.

Cycles rendering engine finally got Subsurface Scattering shader that makes it possible to create materials like wax, marble, or skin. The shader is somewhat simplistic and can be executed on CPU only for now.

It's now possible to restrict compositor viewer node to work on just a selection of the scene. This significantly speeds up updates.

Other changes involve paint system, motion tracker, node editor and various other parts of Blender. For more information please visit release notes.

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  1. nice ideas I wish to I have a 3d printer

  2. I thought Rhino 3D was a better option for making 3D models ready for 3D printing. Can you also save files to .stl in blender? Might give this program a try in the future if so.

  3. wow.. perfect.
    I wish, i can to have te 3d printer. heheh
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  4. Just owasome. If I was a 3d printer. I will be so happy. great work

  5. after read your post, I wish I have a 3D printer as well.

  6. I am trying to make my own 3D printer, just the simple one. I am sure that 3D printer is one of the future of printing technology that can help a lot of people in many aspects.

  7. Can’t imagine when the most people have 3D print, off course it’ll help a lop of people. but don’t u think that’s it’ll spoil them too much?