Blender 2.63 gets BMesh, 2.64 to get new compositor

Blender 2.63 gets BMesh, 2.64 to get new compositor

The news travel far and wide: Blender finally got BMesh last week after 5 years of development.

What's so great about this new mesh system? Simply put, it's N-sided polygons that make creating and editing meshes far more flexible and enjoyable.

In terms of actual features it means:

  • rewrite of the Knife tool that cuts faces;
  • return of the Bevel tool that allows doing things like rounding corners;
  • introduction of the Dissolve tool that nicely removes faces, vertices and edges without messing up topologies;
  • even more features, check out the full list.

Cycles got a panoramic camera support, float precision textures, render layer mask layers, a shadow render pass, ambient occlusion and more new features.

Johnathan Williamson of CG Cookie posted a three-parts screencast that starts with BMesh, continues with Cycles and reviews other new features. Make sure to download the new version of Blender and check those videos out!

Meanwhile the team confirmed that the new tile-based and hardware accelerated compositor by Jeroen Bakker will become the focus of the next version of Blender.

Jeroen's project was first demoed during Blender conference in late 2010 and few months later got into an active development phase thanks to crowdfunding. In September 2011 Blender Foundation announced that it starts giving grants to developers of most critical features and chose Jeroen to be one of them.

You are welcome to give the new compositor a jolly good testing and report bugs in a dedicated tracker. Needless to say, the new compositor seems critical enough for the Mango project.

Anyway, now that BMesh is an official part of Blender, the cosmic harmony demands its restoration through release of GEGL-based GIMP as well as Ardour 3 with MIDI tracks. And that's at the very least.

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  1. Yes! Godspeed, you cosmic harmonizers!

  2. Stefan Maerz 02 May 2012 at 5:35 am

    Really cool.

    I’m pretty good with blender and I’d love to be an expert at it, but there is just so much stuff to learn. And development is so fast. Blender is truly a top notch open source project.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there are simply not enough hours in the day.

  3. after adding composting, rigging, dynamics, sculpting and a new render they have decided to finally put in a useable polygon modeler. imo that should have come first. but better late then never. i will have to download this one and give it a go. the compositor is great news. a good open source compositor is the pink unicorn of software. never would I have thought that blender would be the one to tame such a magic beast.

    “the cosmic harmony demands its restoration through release of GEGL-based GIMP”

    can we have one thread of sunshine without summoning the dark clouds of 8-bit-gimp-dom to rain out the party? 


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