Blender 2.60 released, exciting times are ahead

Blender 2.60 released, exciting times are ahead

With this new version Blender Foundation starts activiely adding more features to Blender. The newly released v2.60 got some very important changes.

Highlights of this version:

  • 3D audio and speaker objects;
  • proxy editing has been restored for the video sequencer;
  • animation system got a lot of polish;
  • vertex group modifiers were added;
  • recast & detour support has been merged to provide pathfinding in the game engine;
  • user interface can be localized again, there's over a dozen of translations available.

For a completex list of changes please read the official announcement. You can download Blender 2.60 for Windows, Mac and Linux here. What's next?

I don't want to hear more about #b3d release cycles, I want to hear about a Cycles release. mike_pan@twitter

Exactly. The new rendering engine is going to be part of 2.61 along with motion/camera tracking tools. The next release is currently planned for December 2011.

The new node based particles system and Jeroen's compositing project are on radar as they are partially sponsored by Blender Foundation.

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  1. Nice news, thanks for the info. Do you know where we can find the existing translations ?

  2. Do you know where we can find the existing translations?

    You mean, how to enable them? In the Preferences dialog find the “International fonts” checkbox (lower right corner) and enable it. That will make the rest of settings show up. Not quite discoverable, yes.

  3. Also coming in 2.61 is Dynamic Paint and Ocean Sim:

    The 2.6x series is going to be great :)

  4. Wow, Dynamic painting seems fantastic!

  5. 2.6 is quite nice there is a solid interface the the layout seems logical and easy to work with. sculpting is a bit slow but the tools are quit polished.

    it would be nice to see some more news on “the new rendering engine is going to be part of 2.61” as things develop.

    if they implement a really nice renderer with all the new tools for composting etc, blender will be quite attractive.