Blender 2.57 becomes the first stable release

Blender 2.57 becomes the first stable release

Newly released Blender v2.57 is the first officially stable version in the 2.5x series that took few years of hard development.

Since several months the team has been exclusively focusing on bugfixing, keeping amount of open bug reports in the tracker as low as between mere 50 and 100.

The next two months will be spent on further bugfixing and releasing v2.58 which is supposed to be the last in the 2.5x series of releases. Then the team will move to 2.6x with new features.

What they will start with in the new series right now is a bit of mistery :) However there's still a number of past GSoC projects that haven't been merged to trunk, in particular, new paint system by Nicolas Bishop.

As usual, you can download new Blender version for your operating system of choice at

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  1. yey \o/ I can’t wait to see 2.6 :)

  2. I bet many people will agree :) Especially since many people expected things like BMesh landing to 2.5x which won’t happen.

  3. Blender is a sort of virus. When you join the community your in. And the moment you have the idea to leave I get seriously nervous. I love the Blender foundation.