Black Five Imaging announces public Git repo for PhotoPrint and Co.

Just as planned before, Alastair M. Robinson made a public Git repository for CMYKTool, PhotoPrint and other Black Five Imaging projects available at Gitorious.

This will further open up development of these excellent tools that assist color managed printing and color space conversions.

BlackFiveImaging @ Gitorious

There has been a number of under-the-hood changes in source code as well. The common code was separated out into a library that is now used by most BFI umbrella applications. This will make maintenance quite easier.

Right now only CMYKTool, PhotoPrint and ImgTarget are available in the Git repository. GPLin will be added after relicensing the code due to license incompatibility with reused Argyll code. DuoToner will join next.

There are still no concrete plans for releasing next batch of new versions of the applications. Existing versions of both CMYKTool and PhotoPrint are available at their respective downloads pages, as well as from dedicated Ubuntu PPA.

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