GEGL and babl enter the multithreading land

GEGL and babl enter the multithreading land

Three weeks after babl new version of GEGL with same number is out. They are usually released and announced at the same time, which is why we didn't tell you about babl until now :)

List of changes actually can be merged:

  • basic thread safety in babl is implemented, code is streamlined;
  • which made it possible to start hacking on multithreading, which, along with improvements in babl, resulted in GEGL becoming as fast as legacy 8bpc GIMP while retaining 32bpc float precision; here is roof :)
  • six new advanced upscale and downscale resamplers from two GSoC 2009 projects were added to GEGL, more info here;
  • GEGL was optimized in many ways too, regression test were added, GEGL# was fixed.


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