Autodesk makes IFC exporter for Revit an open source project

Here comes an interesting follow-up to recently published interview with Thomas Krijnen of IfcOpenShell project: Autodesk has just announced that it makes the existing IFC exporter for Revit an open source project.

The source code is, naturally, written in C#, published under terms of LGPL and is available in SVN repository at SourceForge. An MSI installer is available in Downloads section. Just few months ago Autodesk released source code for its STL exporter as well.

According to the official press-release, the open source code is managed by a five-member steering committee composed of one Autodesk employee and four members of the AEC Building Information Modeling (BIM) community.

The Revit IFC Exporter Open Source Committee is chaired by Emile Kfouri, BIM application development manager, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Solutions, Autodesk.

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  1. Does anybody have any thoughts on the BIM App for Building Ops tool mentioned above.