ArtyFX audio plugins to be released by OpenAV Productions

ArtyFX audio plugins to be released by OpenAV Productions

Harry van Haaren announced ArtyFX — a bundle of 4 new LV2 audio plug-ins, and launched another mini-crowdfunding campaign to draw the source code release near.

ArtyFX effects — Masha (bit smasher), Roomy (simple reverb for "epic" effect), Ducka (sidechain-volume envelope), and Filta (simple high/lowpass filter) — are designed for use on stage and can be automated. Harry recorded a video that demonstrates all of them:

Harry already did the crowdfunding trick before twice: with the Sorcer synth, and with the Fabla drum sampler. At the moment of publishing this article, 4 out of 12 months of "waiting" have been funded, so you only need to donate 80 euro more to get source code released now. 

The video also prominently features the new version of Luppp, an advanced audio looper for Linux — another project by Harry. This software has been under development for the past year, has been completely rewritten, and apparently it's getting fairly close to a new release.

We've had a chance of playing with a recent version of Lupp from a private Git repo, and all we can say is that the app seems to be gradually fulfilling its true potential.

Luppp has been evolving into a very nice application for live performances, and should Harry succeed to implement all of his plans, you will probably stop regeretting that Ableton Live isn't available for Linux, or that Bitwig guys keep feeding us with beta version videos without actually making a public release. But all in due time.

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