ArgyllCMS gets support for Spyder4 and ColorHug colorimeters

ArgyllCMS gets support for Spyder4 and ColorHug colorimeters

Argyll, a free color management system, got another update that brings support for new colorimeters as well as some new features.

The new version for a support for ColorVision Spyder4 series of devices. Spyd4en is required for access to a full range of the manufacturer's calibrations, and the Spyder4 can use .ccss calibration files as well. While at that, Graeme also speeded up all Spyder instrument readings on brighter colors.

Spyder 4

The new version also has an experimental support for ColorHug — an open colorimeter by Richard Hughes. The code isn't used by default, because it doesn't yet work reliably on all the Argyll supported platforms.

Finally, Argyll can now make use of NEC SpectraSensor Pro version of the i1 Display 3.

Speaking of ColorVision products, Argyll got a support for SpyderCheckr — a target for calibrating/profiling DSLRs.


The new version also got accurate refresh period calibration which is essential for some devices, and spotread now has a -V option to allow tracking reading consistency.

As usual, you can download Argyll for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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  1. Jimmy Volatile 20 March 2012 at 10:59 am

    Hi, Graeme!

    I got extremely pleasantly surprised earlier this year when I connected my Spyder 3 Express to my Linux Mint and, with sheer joy, found that the latest Argyll just supports it, even it being proprietary hardware and all.

    I do not know how you did it but thanks!

    Hi, Alexandre!
    Thanks for the informative article. Is “Spyd4en” a new product? From the article: “Spyd4en is required for access to a full range of the manufacturer’s calibrations…”

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