ArgyllCMS 1.4.0 released with iterative improvements

ArgyllCMS 1.4.0 released with iterative improvements

Graeme Gill released an update of ArgyllCMS, a free color management system for Linux, Mac and Windows.

No new devices have been released since last version, so v1.4.0 boils down to bugfixes and several new features.

Speaking of features:

  • A colorimeter can now be used as a reference to make ccmx files in case two .ti3 files are used. For that Graeme patched the ccxxmake tool.
  • 8bit output got optional dithering available in the printtarg tool via -D option.
  • JPEG files now can be used as a source of embedded ICC profiles which means both cctiff, tiffgamut and extracticc tools can use JPEG files.
  • Dispwin, dispcal, dispread and ccxxmake now can optionally redirect the test patches to a web browser via a local web server for which Mongoose apparently is used.
  • Display calibration and profile is now more sensible for displays without hardware calibration support. Read the tutorial to find out how it's done.

The usual downloads for all supported systems are available from project's website. You might like fetching recent version of dispcalGUI as well: this user interface for Argyll hasn't been updated for v1.4.0 yet, but it got a handful of useful improvements over last few months.

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