ArgyllCMS 1.3.0 released with a CCMX generator

ArgyllCMS 1.3.0 released with a CCMX generator

Graeme Gill released new version of ArgyllCMS — a free color management system with calibration and profiling tools.


  • added option to dispcal and dispread that attempts to counteract instrument black drift and display white drift (-I option);
  • added option to dispcal to allow specifying a non CIE XYZ 1931 second degree observer, if a spectrometer is being used;
  • added new utility ccmxmake, which makes Colorimeter Correction Matrices for a particular Colorimeter + Display combination, using a Spectrometer as a reference; the resulting .ccmx file can then be used with spotread/dispcal/dispread (-X option);
  • fixed bug in spotread's handling of emissive spectral measurements;
  • fixed bug in i1pro normal resolution wavelength calibration;
  • added support for HP DreamColor version of the i1 display;
  • fixed problem with ARGYLL_NOT_INTERACTIVE;
  • fixed bug in ColorMunki adaptive mode.

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