ArgyllCMS 1.1.0 adds support for ColorVision Spyder3 and X-Rite ColorMunki

ArgyllCMS 1.1.0 adds support for ColorVision Spyder3 and X-Rite ColorMunki

Graeme Gill has finally released a long anticipated new version of Argyll color management system that brings lots of improvements.

Here is the more or less full list of changes:

  • support for ColorVision Spyder3 and X-Rite ColorMunki Design, Photo and Create; all devices were acquired on donations from users;
  • full printer calibration support, including per-channel curves and ICC;
  • much improved gamut mapping, the result is much like in 1.0.4, while retaining more detail, being faster and better preserving hues;
  • retuned the cLUT profile creation smoothness vs. accuracy;
  • added freely distributable sRGB, Clay1998 and lab2lab profiles;
  • added CIE C type illuminant spectrum support;
  • added device power value for targen to allow calibrating devices that have extreme non linearity;
  • improved X11 XRandR CRTC detection;
  • improved XYZ cLUT profile B2A table quality a little;
  • improved CMYK black generation smoothness near black;
  • changed profile/colprof to generate matrix tags for Display XYZ PCS cLUT profiles to improve compatibility with other CMMs;
  • added -V option to dispcal and dispread to allow using the adaptive mode of the i1pro for display measurement;
  • improved targen so that it doesn't slow down as badly when a very large number of fixed and variable points are used together.
  • spectro/dispcal now default to -f 1.0 (assume black is all output offset);
  • changed chartread strip reading mode to allow navigating about the strips, saving a partially read chart, and resuming a partially read chart (chartread -r);
  • modified xicc/cam02 to clip the blue to avoid crazy behaviour outside the spectrum locus;
  • added working MSWindows 64 bit libusb drivers, which will work on Vista 64 and MS Windows 7 64 bit, but because of Microsoft's driver signing requirements they won't be usable unless a driver code signing workaround is used;
  • clarified licensing of various files (GPLv2+ files, reference files and documentation).
  • other changes and imrpovements.

Two most popular GUIs for Argyll are dispcalGUI and GNOME Color Manager (see the review for details).

Source code | Windows | OS X PPC 10.3+ | OS X Intel 10.4+ | Linux Intel 32 bit | Linux Intel 64 bit

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