ArgyllCMS 1.8.0 released with support for SwatchMate Cube colorimeter

ArgyllCMS 1.8.0 released with support for SwatchMate Cube colorimeter

Graeme Gill released a major update of ArgyllCMS with newly added support for two color measurement devices from opposite ends of price and quality spectrum.

The first supported instrument is SwatchMate Cube, a little fancy colorimeter you can carry around to pick a color swatch from wherever you want, then review the acquired palette on your mobile device (iOS, Android), paste to your Photoshop project etc.

SwatchMate Cube

Cube was successfully crowdfunded a year and a half ago on Kickstarter and caused quite a bit of media excitement as if it was the first portable device ever to pick colors from physical objects (it wasn't).

Graeme got a Cube mainly for two reasons: because it was made in Melbourne where he lives, but also to see, how this entry-level device (ca. $180 USD) stacks up against more expensive and more commonly used instruments like X-Rite ColorMunki. He ended up writing a two-part article where he explained why and how much exactly readouts by Cube are hit and miss (especially for glossy surfaces), and how the device could be further improved.

The other newly supported device is EX1 by a German company called Image Engineering. EX1 is a spectrometer for measuring light sources. At 2.800,00€ it's not exactly something you would throw some spare cash, but rather something you get to ensure the highest color fidelity in the professional environment.

Image Engineering EX1

Other changes include:

  • support for Television Lighting Consistency Index (EBU TLCI-2012 Qa) in spotread and specplot apps' output;
  • support for adding R9 value to CRI value in spotread and specplot apps' output;
  • various bugfixes, library dependencies updates etc.

For a complete list of changes have a look at the website. In addition to source code, builds are available for Linux, Windows, and OS X.

Graeme also updated his commercial ArgyllPRO ColorMeter app for Android. The new version features pretty much all improvements from the new ArgyllCMS release. It also receives readouts from Cube via Bluetooth Low Energy (USB is available too) and supports using the ChromeCast HDMI receiver as a Video Test Patch Generator. As usual, a demo version of the app is available

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