All of Wacom support infrastructure for Linux gets an update

All of Wacom support infrastructure for Linux gets an update

Developers of Wacom drivers for Linux are really back to releasing new stable versions at an enviable pace. They have just released updates to drivers for Linux kernel and X, as well as a new version of libwacom.

Both kernel and X drivers got initial support for Cintiq 24HD. The new Cintiq was introduced last September and apart from the obvious 24" display it has a larger color gamut, wider viewing angle and redesigned panels with touch rings and few more ExpressKeys.

Wacom Cintiq 24HD

The other changes are mostly about touch and multitouch experience. E.g. cursor doesn't jump anymore after zoom and scroll gestures in Relative mode.

Finally, the second public version of libwacom gained support for detecting built-in tablets automatically and definition of Cintiq 21UX2. Its developer, Bastien Nocera, reports that GNOME Control Center also gained support for calibrating those screen tablets, and now has a UI for per-stylus configuration.

You can wait for your Linux distribution to fetch the updates or you can download source code and build it.

Updated GNOME Control Center hasn't been released yet, and there's still some work on its user interface left to do. The final updated applet will be available in GNOME 3.4 expected this spring. It will also be available in distributions such as Fedora 17 and Ubuntu 12.04.

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  1. I don’t really want to switch my old Intuos I for a new one, because I’m pretty well OK with that. But it is a serial tablet, and currently the official wacom driver for the current X versions is broken. I really hope that the guys are working on this, a tablet durable like this is far enough for me (and others also, I think).