Alembic 0.9 released, conversation with studios now open

Alembic 0.9 released, conversation with studios now open

Alembic, an open source co-project by ILM and Sony announced this July, has just reached 0.9 stage.

Alembic bakes complex animated scenes with FX into simple non-procedural data ready to be freely used in any pipeline.

Developers want to make sure the following is considered by users:

  • This is not a 1.0, therefore commercial or date driven work should not depend on this version.
  • The team welcomes feedback and encourages you to post to the  Alembic discussion list or email the team directly.
  • Developers would like to collect all .9 feedback during November.
  • They are targeting a 1.0 release early 2011, but that will depend on the reports they get on this version. Therefore, no dates are committed to at this time.

Obligatory dependencies:

  • 64-bit unix-like OS (Linux, Mac OS X)
  • CMake (2.8.0)
  • Boost (1.42)
  • ilmbase (1.0.1)
  • HDF5 (1.8.5-patch1)

Optional dependencies:

  • Autodesk Maya (2010)
  • Pixar PRMan (15.x)
  • OpenEXR (1.6.1)

With the .9 release, the team will begin to engage in conversations with studios and a few vendors about the code and incorporating feedback to help them get to a 1.0 release. This version is avaliable for downloading here.

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