Afanasy Render Farm Manager Gets Natron Support

Afanasy Render Farm Manager Gets Natron Support

Timur Hairulin released an update of his free/libre CGRU render farm management tools.

The newly arrived version of CGRU features support for Natron, free/libre VFX compositing and animation software, and Fusion, one of its proprietary counterparts, by Blackmagic Design.

Timur has great hopes for Natron:

I still haven’t used it in production yet, because it needs to become more stable first. Once it’s done, getting an artist to use Natron should be easy. After all, it looks and behaves a lot like Nuke. Besides, it has a great Python API. For instance, I don’t need to create gizmo’s on TCL like in Nuke.

Once you install CGRU, you will find CGRU's Natron plugins in the cgru/plugins/natron folder. You should add this path to the NATRON_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable. This will make Afanasy node available in Natron. Further documentation is available at project’s website.

Support for Fusion was added by Mikhail Korovyansky. He tested it on v7, but v8 should be supported as well.

Additionally, Keeper now allows quickly changing local render user name, and rules now allow player linking to the current frame.

Given already existing support for Blender in CGRU, getting a complete libre-based studio solution should be closer now.

CGRU 2.0.7 with Natron and Fusion support are available for downloading for both Linux and Mac OS X users.

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  1. Is it supported on Windows 10 ?

  2. Is it supported by windows?

  3. i Think it is supported by windows!

  4. Why am I just now hearing about this?  Epic fail!

  5. its windows? or mac?