Adobe lowers price tag for its educational CS version in Russia

According to Cnews, russian branch of Adobe lowered price tag for its educational version of Creative Suite to 1% if CS's real price for all Russian schools.

Not so long ago the pretty same thuing was done by Russian branch of Autodesk, which made a lot of its popular products practuically free to use for schools and sold at a very liberal price for universities.

Adobe's action can be considered as its next step to keep schools using CS at a bargain price, the first step being its participation in the "First Aid 1.0" program back in 2008, when a 1.000.000 licenses of licenses for each product were bought from Adobe, Microsoft, Corel and several other companies to stop schools using pirated software. The schools were supposed to make a choice between proprietary software and PSPO (Free Software Package, a set of Linux distributions for schools that was tested in 2008—2009 in threee regions) in 2010 due to expiration of licenses.

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