A new color management display filter for GIMP is available

A new color management display filter for GIMP is available

Yoshinori Yamakawa, creator of the great separate+ plugin, has just published a new GIMP module that provides advanced soft-proofing features to the color management display filter.

Here is what it looks like:

Color  Management+ main window

The filter replaces the default color management filter transparently and allows to override the default settings using improved rendering intents with BPC and black ink and paper color simulation.

Apart from providing a more reliable soft-proofing display, the most interesting feature added by this filter is the ability to display the individual CMYK channels (both in greyscale and color), and CMY and CMYK composites.

The package and some useful details are available at GIMP Plugin Registry. There is also a video demonstration:

Just like separate+, the package includes a pre-compiled binary for windows and easy instructions to build for linux (a mere "make" command compiles the module that simply has to be copied to ~/.gimp-2.6/modules directory). You can download it here.

Please note that if you use unstable build of GIMP 2.7, you will have to wait till display filters are ported to Cairo and reenabled by GIMP developers.

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  1. This looks really nice, good enhancement for actual soft proofing :)

  2. Yup… this one nice… I can’t wait to use it. :)
    By the way, may I re-post it into our weblog for article references.
    Of-course there are CC license about author and source.

  3. @pingoein Sure, as much as you like.

  4. It says there is a pre-compiled binary for windows in here, I’m not really a programmer but I only see the source for the Windows code stuff in the dowload offered… Where do I need to look to find the pre-compiled binary? (I might be misunderstanding what a pre-compiled binary is…)

  5. This looks really great.  Now that I’m getting back into GIMP, I’d love to try out some of these modules and plugins.  I know of only two modules that work with GIMP, though.  Are there others?